Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gould rides away solo in NMBS Fountain Hills, AZ.

Georgia informed us she felt like she was in her best form yet starting early in 2008! However she knows that she needs to stay very focused, it is still a long way to the games personal records. She is also smart enough to be looking for more speed, given she is a prospect to take a gold.

She continued her streak of NMBS cross country victories at Fountain Hills, Arizona. Georgia is very lucky, she has not had to change teams, GM, coaches, bike fit ideas, as so many do each season, getting new information as they move from one team to another.

In sport there is going to be bad blood between teams, ideas, etc... When you are on a pedestal, people are going to take aim at you. She has not changed her Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish understanding and the results are still coming. We know comments will come forth, that comes with sport.

Right now, Georgia can usually finish the job. She is thoroughly enjoying the journey!
She has not let her victories go to her head and has a real smile, takes info on things that make a difference from sources she trust, "say a real track record" on what best works for her.

We have been working with Georgia for a number of years during her journey in mtb racing!
Some might say that she is now athletically gifted, as she thrives on the pro tour. They don't know the work she has put forth!

She is like a Tiger Woods, as she clicks off the wins towards perhaps a new record! This is not always the case as racer's jump from one team to another, perhaps even having a fitting service to change their fit, shoes, cleats, footbeds, handlebars, etc... It is sport, and you have to survive the "meanest streets in behavior" in this game and many can stray you off course.

You have to prove the naysayers wrong! And that is what we are doing with Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish with Georgia Gould.

Too often, we help a racer to the national ranks or even the world ranks and then they change. Some, even when they started racing, gain success, win a number of races, then things can change. People do move and they do get pushed while in a given area by forces like a given team, or teammates who regard their know-how as the end all? I know, I am, I have worked with, and such & such!

Sports are sports, its a "tough haunting road," just riding alone or hanging out with relatives and friends, someones comments can fuel your mind, change your game. People publicly judge you, even if they don't know you. They tend to judge yo based on how you look, how many tattoos or whatever. It is hard to stay positive with all the pressure, you can get a chip on your shoulder. For most, they never know what team they are going to be on next season.

This also happened to a gal I coached Anke Friedrich in skiing, as she won a lot of races, made the World Cup on the German National Team and then someone there said she was too old? She then took NCAA National Champiohships in SL & GS 90/91, two years running, made the blue book of records! This happens more than you know! All you need is someone to throw a "negative" about something at you! More times than you know, as a player, on a team, you have to do what they rattle off "right or wrong" or you don 't go to the game!

Then you have racers that obtain "A don't fix it if it isn't broke type of thinking." It's as if they think they can't get better? We all can get better! The talent and pace may be new age, and old school might not work!

If you get to stay in the sport long enough, you see all types of thinking! It is pretty amazing how the different events vary in mind set. The road racers ways vs. mtb ways, tri vs. tt, and
then the industry claims!

The truth is, Georgia Gould is still working hard, learning to take her cycling game to another level. She is opened minded, well liked and she puts total effort into every pedal stroke, and it shows!

Georgia keeps learning, and the results keep coming, as she knows that she needs the speed/skill on all terrain in order to race at the world level. You have to be a all-a-rounder racer to take it to the world. That means racing well uphill, downhill, flats, mud, sand, turns, sprints, being more aero, etc... It's a real gun fight with many battles in the war!

A lot of different moves of the game need to be learned, to be spot on or you can be in second place in a hurry. The stats will come from the scoreboard after the war, that's racing. Its not for everyone, it is a tough mental game.

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