Friday, April 18, 2008

Sea Otter First Day - 2 First places!

The door is open for super talent that did not go across the pond, and many of them are on the our Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.

Hardwork pays off if you know what to work on!
Jenn Halladay doing just that. Look at the poor guy behind her!

In the media, it was pointed out that Nat Ross, Reba Rusch, Shonny Vanlandingham, Lea Davison, Chloe Forsman are listed among the favorites! Many racers not listed from Boise, ID and across the west will do battle, providing for action pack racing.

Now for some results! When it is all said and done, the results say more about fitting systems than hype! Powermeters only provide the sum of the muscles, we show you which muscle you need to work on! We teach you the correct pedal stroke in the real world, how to get the most from your pedal stroke, and not just on a trainer. How to get more from your game and that is what makes the difference!

First day, Lea Davison Trek/VW taking the pro women Super D and Jenn Halladay Bob's of Boise, ID taking the Masters Road race.

Jenn called us, very happy to take the race and then pointed out that she had more than enough for the pro race on Sat. She said she was not taxed from the Masters race at all. She viewed the Masters race as a warm up, and is more than ready to race the pro women even if she doesn't have a team to help!

Jenn has been on the road with use using the Dartfish to refine her pedal stroke. Let's see how things turn out in the pro. Why is this cool over say another pro "Jenn is a mother of 5." Take care of the kids and still find time to ride? Now that is something!

We should see more great results from others in their events this weekend! With so many fitting ideas, we are very pleased that so many top pros want to use our methods. The results are just that and it only takes the bike to be off 3mm here or there to make a difference in results.

Congrats to them both.

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