Tuesday, October 31, 2006

USGP Cyclocross leader Georgia Gould warms up in Boulder, CO.

Boulder, Colorado, USA, October 29, 2006. You have got to love the press and how they tell the story. Headlines read: Wells and Compton take dominant victories Katie Compton solidly won the UCI women's Boulder Cyclo-cross race, beating second place Georgia Gould. This coming week USGP in the area is going to showcase some really close racing.

We had the chance to attend the Boulder race and we filmed the whole event,true to point, they 380 racers, but I don't think more? I sat next to Dave & Nat as they called the event and they had the start list. True Katie Compton raced w/ the men's 3, only to crash hard "heels over her head flip" as she ran into the back of the leader, lucky she did not get hurt, but she had to end her race right there. I have that crash on film. Ouch!!!

It was like I was at a high school football game and Katie Compton, the(local gal)is the only star. So I had keep low about my gal Georgia Gould. This is Boulder,CO and all the press, etc..., those were her people. Understood!!! When in Rome, do as the Romans. The same would hold true if the race had been held in our neck of the woods!

I just want to point out what we saw. Georgia Gould put on a super show, as she took the lead from the start and was pulling away from a small group, until her front wheel went out from under her just after coming out of the lake area, at the top of the hill, just before the long road section, crashing on her right side(on the right hoods,gears,etc...)to a mixture of gravel on top of the road surface. Another Ouch!!!

A good 5-8 racers pass her while she attempted to gather herself,get up and get back on her bike. The bike was not in working order. As I watched, she took a long time to get the bike together. It came to me that she would just end the race then & there. The leaders really put some time on her, because they just hit the road section and as a group really hauled it.

Georgia did get back up,and headed into the long road section w/ a headwind. She did not catch them until(5 or 8)they hit the dirt, then she made up lost ground on the group. At the same time Compton put about about 20 seconds on them all. Georgia then attempted to real the 24 seconds back on the leader. Compton held on that lead for the remainder of the race. Compton and Gould showed why they are both so tough, as they both had crashed hard today, but then they had what it takes to pull away and put a lap most of the field.

After the race I followed Georgia to her car. She pointed out that the crash cost her big. She could not shift into a number of gears. The course was long, allowing for large gears, in which from what she told us,she did not have.

That is racing and what a show both Compton & Gould put on. I just wanted to point out that had Georgia not have crashed, I know it would have been very tight. Even w/the crash, it was still a good race, as they both had each other in sight the whole race. It was great fun and a great turn out! They even had a local high school drummer team there. It was almost like a football game. A ton of support for the racers.

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