Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Does Biofeedback work?

If you live in the Denver, CO area come see us at the 2006 SUBARU DENVER Veloswap & sportsexpo this coming Oct 28th. Watch why Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish biofeedback on the 2006 24 hour NORBA National Champions (Tough Girls)as they watch their stroke inside & out!

For more info,go to Also Wobble-naught new dealer in Golden,CO owner of will be signing autographs at Subrau display. Nat Ross will be the first to tell you that is what has made a difference for him.

Biofeedback is a form of electromyography whereby surface electrodes are placed over particular muscles and attached to a portable biofeedback unit. We can even go outside and watch you ride. An electrical stimulus is applied and the muscleƂ’s activity is recorded. Changes in muscle activity are relayed to the you using visual graphs, along w/ Dartfish, plus we have auditory feedback, allowing the user to consciously alter the level of muscle contraction.

For example, electrodes placed over the vastus medialis muscle will indicate to the user the strength of the contraction during the specific exercise such as pedaling. Biofeedback can be used in the re-education of postural muscles as your body extends over the toptube.

This high-tech allows you to re-educate your body to what you need and not what someone else thinks you need!!!
It is more powerful than a powermeter, as the powermeter only tells the sum of the muscles and not which muscle is doing what.

Sports will never be the same w/ this high-tech.

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