Monday, October 16, 2006

Nat Ross takes 24 Hour of Moab just before a 105 year storm!

Flash Floods, Fickle Course and Four Sets of Destroyed Brake Pads Couldn't Keep Nat Ross from Winning 24 Hours of Moab and National Points Series
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Regardless of what other fitting systems claim or fitters say. We are not your basic fit. Does it pay to use our CAD fit on your bike? Ask Nat Ross, or the other 10 "Stars & Strips" winners why they use us? Nat will be the first to tell you how Wobble-naught's CAD solution makes him able to ride fast for 24 hours, plus how Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish has made a difference for him understanding his muscles.

Nat likes what we have done for his game so much that he is putting a performance center in Golden, CO. We will be w/ Nat at the Velo show in Denver, CO Oct 28th. Nat will have a booth. So if you can, come by to see why so many top pros are learning how to improve their game.

We show you the "Truth.

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