Saturday, October 07, 2006

The season is young for Cyclocross and 24 hour races

For many the season is over, but not for many of the top pros. Cyclocross season has just started and there are many 24 hour races. We are already seeing Wobble-naught racers like Andy Applegate, Georgia Gould winning or challenging the best in the cyclocross field. These are fun races because is all about the racer racing the course.

There are still a few major 24 hour races and we hope to see our guys & gals from across the land at the top. The last 24 hour race had 5 Wobble-naught fitted men at the top. And we hope that 2006 National Champ Reba does well in Georgia at Worlds this weekend. How many people do you know who can ride for 24 hours? Best be dialed on your bike!!!

Bessette ( is the overwhelming favorite, but she has a new face to deal with and a challenging one w/ the 2006 NORBA National Champion and 2005 Mid-Atlantic series winner Georgia Gould (Luna), who was taking her first UCI cyclocross start of the young season. The start was all Bessette once again, but unlike Saturday she had company for the first lap in the form of Gould, who was out to prove that she could not only hang with Bessette but take her down. Bessette did powered away from Gould and took an advantage that was never to be breached.

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