Saturday, October 14, 2006

It all comes down to this race.

Epic Solo Battles: It All Comes Down to Moab

All year long, the big guns of the solo world have been chasing points in the National Point Series. It looked like it was all going to be decided at The 24 Hours of Landahl, between points leaders Wobble-naught fitted Ernesto Marenchin and Steve Schwarz, but Wobble-naught's Nat Ross (this year's Temecula champion) took note, showed up at Landahl and won, pushing the points chase to the finale at Moab. But just as Nat was the spoiler at Landahl, Tinker Juarez could be a spoiler at Moab. Now the battle will be between Steve Schwarz, Wobble-naught's Nat Ross.

Our guy from Ohio Ernesto Marenchin has told Granny Gear he won't be able to defend his lead. Ernesto not coming to Moab, it opens up possibilities for other points winners like Levi Borst and Chris Gagnon.

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