Monday, June 25, 2012

Team Exergy's Ben Chaddock WN's Canada Nat. Road Champpionships

Someone will read this and say whatever! We will be attacked, and they will say, we can do what they do, we just use the plumb-line, etc...!

This is a tough job, you better have thick skin, when you obtain success, someone will express an unfavorable opinion of the professionals who conduct the WN CAD or the science we have used to fit and teach.

WN has professionals involved with helping people move better! Real science is required to evaluate movement qualitatively based on performances. But also precise quantitative information about performance, the use of real measuring devices is necessary.

Real science like biomechanics, kinesiology, understanding of the spine and extremities help solve movement improvement, in uncovering answers to human performance. This is not to get you to a functional point, this is much more than hanging a plumb line from the knee.

Fact is a fit concerns the skeletal system, the muscular system, the motor learning and control, neurophysiology, engineering, physics, exercise physiology all enhance the outcome of years of research. We have been doing this since 1999 and the records speak profoundly to the vast depth of mind of critics. Real R&D, real science makes a difference.

There are 3 types of R&D.

1) Descriptive study provides info on what is happening in a performance, linked to the status report.

2) An experimental study ID's the variables in a performance, where data is used in research of the hypothesis.

3) Then you have theoretical, best when, based on Newton's laws (e.g. movements, masses, forces) that are realistic values. Theoretical models are refined and validated, use for computer simulation of a given movement task of performance.

Then you have the human mind, and only when it wants to drink the water, does it! Ben started drinking in WN 2011!

Exergy shows domination at Canadian Criterium Championships! by Team Exergy

Whistler's Team Exergy/WN user Ben Chaddock has earned many names, aka Mighty Mouse, Thunder Thighs WN's his first professional title in 2012. Rhae Shaw also wins for our sister team Exergy Twenty12.

No easy task, they race hard in Canada, this is no small thing, we are just pleased, regarding the top pic from Ben, teaching horses to read in 2011 has paid off in 2012.

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