Monday, June 25, 2012

Flavia Oliveira 3rd at Brazil National Championships

June 24, Elite Women Road Race: Rio das Ostras 77.6km

Ferreira Silva claims women's road championship

Cycling News
June 25, 17:57,
June 25, 17:58

Ferreira, Oliveira round out podium

Full Results
1Luciene Ferreira Silva1:49:53
2Camila Coelho Ferreira
3Flavia Maria Cardoso Oliveira WN 5/29/2012
4Ana Paula Polegatch
5Marcia Fernandes Silva
6Uenia Fernandes Souza
7Danilas Ferreira Silva
8Gimena Coneti Stocco
9Maira Nogueira Murakami
10Karen Andresa Stroparo

Flavia Oliveira only got her new fit 5/29/2012. For her to stand on the podium #3 less than a month on the fit at Brazil National Championships is a big deal. Congrats Flavia, thanks for listening and your great results.

When's the last time you stood on a National Podium. Perhaps we can help?

While here in Boise, ID, WN gave her a new name! AKA "Pop-corn" she's all of 95 pounds at 5'2".

She has real pop (e.g. Brazil Nats 3rd).

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