Saturday, June 09, 2012

Matt Perkins 5X World Champ uses WN for one reason, to get the most from is one leg.

5 times the charm

It was rainy and somewhat cold for race day, and the water in the pond was a bit chilly. Just right for someone who doesn't race well in the heat. Quite a bit of whining was going on around the T1 before the race, but I am not sure why. We swim first anyway.

I had a great cannon ball of the pontoon to enter the water and warm up. I felt great. Relaxed, rested, and the feeling that I have done what I can. Now we hope for a good day. I started strong in the swim, quite hectic with bodies everywhere. By the first turn i had relaxed and settled down until reaching the second turn where I sped up to a harder pace that I held until the water exit. I exited with no problems, Angie was right there to hand me crutches, and then she helped strip my wetsuit as the swim exit was a little under staffed. Good thing we practiced stipping me eh Ang?

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