Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lumberjack 100 "Amanda Carey" 28 min over 2nd.

Amanda is not the type of gal that wears a ton of makeup to put on a show. Like most of the mtb top racer's, she is pretty kicked back. So it's funny to see her in the above pic with the dust black around her eyes (punk-rock naught).

History is the pudding, not false claims, Amanda Carey win's most of her races by 30 min or more over 2nd in the 100 mtb races. She took it easy at the Lumberjack, only taking first place over 2nd by 28 min.

Amanda knows how to cut it up. Every stroke counts and she does it for 100 mtb miles. She was out of ear of her comp, they couldn't hear or see her swing it.

The trails at the Lumberjack - sandy & very dusty, it was said racers looked like logger's at the end of the race.

To take it easy and WN by 28 min? Amanda has WN'ing ways!


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