Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16th, 2011 "Bizarre" Contador In & Armstrong Out?

In a bizarre series of events, the Spanish cycling federation has cleared Tour de France champion Alberto Contador, and exonerated him of any doping charges. He is therefore free to race immediately.

Now the news that Lance Armstrong is out only days apart?

This is a day of history in the cycling world.

Controversial career

Lance Armstrong has announced his retirement. He become increasingly mired in controversy. He was to take part in a number of events on the US calendar in 2011?

Was Contador the straw that broke Armstrongs back?

Armstrong revealed his decision in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday in Austin, Texas.

There will not be a 8th Tour de France!

The allegations of doping in his former US Postal Service team that surfaced in 2010 and they will not just go away!

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