Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This isn't your run of the mill "Bob" He has a PhD and gets it!

Wireless communications!

"Molasses, snails and glaciers: none are slower than an organization developing a new wireless standard. "

PhD Bob now works for Bob, he use to head R&D for HP here in Boise, ID, for 26 years! When you have to work for the man, you can't develop. We had coffee at the "Cof-fice" and after showing him what we need, you best stay tuned!

The mother of invention comes from snails not getting it!

WN & Bob just might change the cycling world big time. Why? Because we know what's needed! Not about price point molasses, snails, and glaciers.

We both know how slow organization move, many of the ideas fall on deaf ears!

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