Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amanda Carey Learns Hips! Before the race, during and then after!

If you are a top pro, many fit systems would love to have you on their fit.
Amanda's choice is WN!
Why? Results!

If your business is to win races, you want an edge and Amanda, like so many pros gets it with WN. Men and women are very different, their balance is very different, so that needs to be part of the process. Many fit systems don't take that into account.

Amanda Carey is accepting the challenge of trying something new and different. Look her up and note that Amanda was already fast, she has the results, we are just making her faster.

Amanda goal was 2010 NUE National Champion "DONE".

Those events go for 100 miles. So it's very interesting to see her "kill it" in an 60 min., training cyclocross sprint while here in Boise in prep for KY.

The body is an amazingly complex machine. All of its various cells and tissues communicate with each other, and their activities are precisely coordinated. It is also amazingly how few approach the cyclocross sport learning skills, or some form of practice?

Do we not focus on skills in every other sport? Is it about training only?

Imagine, then, how much more active a of your body systems become when you engage in active movement. As your physical activity increases, so does your muscles' physiological activity.

Active muscles require more nutrients, more oxygen, more metabolic activity, and thus more efficient clearance of waste products.

Our quest is how athletes can optimize their physical performance and it seems to work very well!

Amanda Carey was already fast, she just got WN Faster!
From the 100 mile races to the 60 min. cyclocross!

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