Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mind Body Machine 2009! Your best connection!

Wobble-naught, Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, and now Kurt Manufacturing, a company that does over $120 million per year, plus makes the Kinetic line of cycling trainers are working together to bring you yet "higher-tech" in 2009. 

They understand engineering and they know we hold "objective - not influenced personal feelings or opinions" 10 years of data i.e. tens of thousands of precision measurements.  Time proven solutions that have allowed many different shapes and sizes to reach their dreams! Simply put it, they understand  we measure from the inside, not the outside in.

They also are aware that we did not allow our CAD to be used, tested by a university, who would then have rights to it, or allow any person who wants to get a masters, Phd, etc... i.e. a kinesiology department, a orthopaedic biomechanics research lab to learn what we do.  

Perhaps, that is why some wear their degree on their shoulders for marketing their worth? Not to say attending a university is a bad thing, but understand a university is a business!!!  And one of our start up members was a professor, taught at the masters level and held a Phd in Business at a state Idaho State University and knew how the university system works. 

As he use to put it.  There are many a pro without a degree either a masters or Phd i.e. Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordon, etc...   We even used Bill Gates as an example of success without a degree.  

To some people, and to some fitting systems the term vertebral column might suggest a rather rigid supporting rod, but this picture is far from the truth.  The vertebral column consists of 24 bones and are connected in such a way as to provide a curved structure.  Of the 24 single bones, the 7 vertebrae of the neck are cervical vertebrae, the next 12 are the thoracic vertebrae, and the 5 supporting the lower back are lumbar vertebrae. When we attended school it was helpful for remembering common mealtimes.  

A good question. What other fitting system looks at abnormal spinal curvatures i.e. scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and plugs those constraints into the CAD,  along with your hip shape and size and cleat placement.

We find your best blue-print!  With rare exceptions, every bone in the body is connected to, or forms a joint with, at least one other bone!

7 AM - neck
12 Noon - thoracic vertebrae
5 PM - lower back

Why would anyone care about this info?  The reason, as a person ages, the water content of the discs decreases (as it does in other tissues throughout the body) and the discs become less compressible.  The situation, along with weakening of the ligaments and tendon
s of the vertebral column, predisposed older people to slipped discs.

Sensibility that was achieved not just through years of teaching the subject, but also a continuing effort to facilitate a better solution.   Why would you not stack your bones and displace the weight and forces?  Every muscle of the body is attached to bone (or other connective tissue structures) at two points - the orgin (the stationary, immovable, or in cycling, the less movable attachment) and the insertion (the more 
movable attachment).

When the muscle contracts and its fibers shorten, the insertion moves toward the origin. The type of movement depends on th
e construction of the joint i.e. nonaxial, uniaxial, biaaxial, or multiaxial) and on the placement of the muscle relative to the joint.

Types of movements:
Flexion, Extension, Abduction, Adduction, Rotation, Circumduction, Pronation, Supination, Inversion, Exversion, Dorsiflexion, Plantar flexion.

A lot to deal with, that is why we use CAD, in which looks at the whole body in 3-D.  Its the constraints we capture, then the software does the rest. 
Then  you have to consider the movements of the bike between the legs in concert with the whole body!  You need to know the actions of every muscle in the body. 

What you do in a trainer is not what you do out in the real world of cycling!

We are in the process of changing that!
Stay tune!!!

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