Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009 is a time of change!

If you have lived long enough, you know things do change i.e. bikes, skis, laptops, TV's, phones/pda's if you like it or not, for good or bad.  Time & change never stops, do people? How you handle the new tools is also your choice and greatly depends on your choice of instruction, then skill level.  It seems people don't change regarding learning skills in a given sport.  

I just went skiing for the first time this season "2009 New Year Day".  I had a 2008 pass last year and only went for 3 hours after getting the latest & greatest gear $$$.  The custom fitted boots really hurt my feet and it was made worst by the 2008 cold temps for break-in time, in which I had none. I needed time (days/weeks) and warm temps to break them in.  I didn't find that time, too much work, too cold, so I didn't go!  Then I was off to cycling race camps across the US. So I didn't find time to break them in in the spring.

After a number of years off the slopes, due from working, burn out, old knees after doing it for a living at a professional level i.e. coaching some of the best ski racers in the world, jumping off high cliffs in Jackson Hole, plus I was spoiled from skiing the real (steep & deep) play grounds of CO, UT, WY, I just didn't care to go to the lesser hill or "thrill" that is only 18 miles from where I live.

2009 is a time of change!  I am going to go!  I have heard from the market how things have really changed? How easy it is now and how well humans ski.

After a day of skiing in 8'' new heavy snow, hanging next to trees due to the "white out- more O2",  skiing the fall-line, then riding back up the chair lift over and over watching others attempt to ski the new snow it then, under the present set of conditions (some wind packed, bumps, white out, 8" of heavy new" I was seeing the same old human movements or can I say a lack of!  The skills where so low?  Why?

How can this be, people stopped, standing all over the slopes?  People doing huge zig & zag on their new improved toys wider better (snow boards, skis).  I am skiing in 2009 and people still don't have the needed skills?  But it is said the skis are wider, shorter, snow boarding makes is easy?  After all, that is what everyone claims!  Not true!

Again, the skill level was very low!  It didn't matter how cool the new toys looked or made! They just didn't know how to ski it?  Even the ski school had issues? The same as it was when I made a living in the sport!  People are only as good as the instructions they obtain!

It made me aware of the problem with cycling!  I was just watching two guys on the HD channel who won bikes, trips to France and had been sent to a location in CO to get the latest and greatest.  They both where even fitted. The comment was anything between 25 to 30 something is good, even using the so called "latest & greatest" device to watch their movements.  Even their VO2 was taken.  OK!

The show then showed the guys riding with two top guns Levi & George.  On air, the taller of the two pros said to the larger of the two winners- who where just professionally fitted by the new high-tech fittings system that he should raise his saddle! Wow!

But he was correct, the poor guy had his saddle too low, too far back, plus did not hold the skills to climb hills.  I even saw the lack of skills with my naked eye, that where not addressed in the early part of the show and I watched to see a change in the way this guy rode.  

His lack of pedal stroke skills really taxed him and he was just like the skiers on the slopes.
Not having the skills to get the job done.  Think about that the next time you look for a sliver-bullet. 

Long story short, the guy could not even finish the stages in France he won. 
The new custom make bike didn't help him, nor did the new fit help him?  Ouch!

A good resolution is like an old horse which is often saddled but rarely ridden!

2009 is going to be a good year for those who are willing to put the time into it and learn the correct skills, then change!   Old skills are hard to change!  Saddle up and let it buck!

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