Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a Brand New Day! Stay Tune!

We are in the process of some substantial improvements in propelling your cycling movements into a new age, with knowledge, technique, and equipment advancing all levels of greater service and customer experience.  We accept no compromise, providing you with your optimum performance (relaxation, strength, agility, quickness, economy of motion). It is not instinctive. We are sounding the trumpets for all to hear! 

This is a new year, for consumers and we are anxious to bring a much needed means of teaching you how to pedal over subjective ideas.  Anyone who is interested in modern cycling technique should be challenged and take note in this active, energetic and dynamic sport.  It offers constant challenges to improve and will provide a significant contribution for your knowledge and enthusiasm of cycling in real-time.   There are many micro cultures within a community in many sports, leading to certain levels in intellectual achievement collectively for that given area.  Many just don't learn the skills and reach their potential.  We see what their bodies are doing, but wonder what's in their minds or who holds influence their cycling knowledge.   We appreciate how cycling packs are very much like wolves i.e. living and leaning in packs, learning from a local lead dog.  

Many have invested much time, they are trying to learn a type of cycling over another.  A good question is "What will we teach you?  What kind of cycling will I learn?  In sum, athletic cycling.  We feel that riding at certain miles per hour are a lot more fun than those who ride a very slow speeds. It opens up new playful play grounds.  Innovations are what makes things move forward i.e. cell phones, and a sport is no difference with new ground, providing a more precise efficient technique.

We are not a cookie cutting training program. No two bodies are the same; and no two riders should look alike. We are defining the relationships between correct alignment, your efficient technique in continuous motion.  It will change forever the way we think about balance, forces and dynamic cycling.

Our time proven approach has made a difference for many in the last 10 years.  Our knowledge of multi-sport physiology and sports enriches the ability of any athlete and brings broad perspectives to the analysis.

That is why we are the only company the world that holds a contract with Dartfish and now Kurt, who makes trainers for indoor use.  Few books have been published that deal with modern cycling technique and technology.  We have undergone may technical and technological changes.  By teaching you the best movements to all ability levels, we invite you into the fill with delight world of their cycling, a blend of technical and technological features with emphasis on balance as the underlying factor for all movement on a tools that seem to forgo its basics.

We offer unequaled insight into a scientific approach to understand how different adjustments of equipment can influence a rider's performance. We invite you to be part of the global contribution to the sport of cycling world of modern cycling.  

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