Sunday, January 18, 2009

How does the US rate in Cyclo-Cross?

As in any sport, you have your local level of understanding, then you have a few that make it to the next level and hit the mud circus, so its hard to know just how you stack up to the world. When you talk to people they base their know how on, " I heard the Germans do this, the Aussies do that" and so on, etc...  You can start a war over this kind of stuff! 

Funny how people come out of so many schools of thought?  So, just because you are on a national team, doesn't mean you are the best. Look at guys like Bode Miller, the most successful ski racers the US has ever seen, but will not work with US Ski Team.  He has is own team and that allows him to pick and choose the gear he wants to use.  Perhaps the skis or boots are not part of the ski pool?  

One of my friends, Dane Spencer, a long time member on the US Ski Team knows how that works.  He has had issues with many ski boots in his long term career.  And as Dane puts it, you can have 60 guys have a "outer body experience" and make it in the top 5.  

That seems to be the number of top guns that makes it to a World Cup level event.  So you have about 60 who can pull it off.  Not a easy thing to predict!  But, Katie's win goes, and the fact that some other gals from the US know how they stack against her, the US is going to have an edge this 2009 event.  

So, how good are the US gals in cyclo-cross?  At the elite level they are very good!  With the Cyclo-cross World Championships coming up in about two weeks, we stand a very real chance of getting a US gal on top.

Its too bad, they don't make that much money doing it!  Perhaps they also need a bail out?
It cost to do the sports and where does the money come from?  The industry doesn't put the cash into the events.  Sad!  Its every bit as cool to watch as any other sport!

Katie Compton just made her mark in Roubaix, France.  She took World Cup #8, and uses both the Thomson seatpost and stems.  We have known for years the seatpost/stem are best off road products made.  The stem allows you to grab a hand-full of handlebar and put the medal to the pedal! The seat post allow for less flex i.e. race plug ski race boots "stiffer"  for the needs of racing, and after a life time of understanding those needs suggest that every racer give them a try!

Back to the US gals!  Some of the best in the world, some of the least paid, and they can step up and throw it down!  


1. Katie Compton  (USA)
2. Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger)
3. Daphny Van Den Brand (Ned)

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