Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sue Butler (Monavie Cannondale) takes her first UCI win!

Debates are common in the science of physiology.  Heavy arguments come forth in many areas and even more so that Lance Armstrong is coming back.  Lance's come back re-ignites the debate whether Armstrong made his leap to fame through post-cancer weight loss or a more efficient pedaling, or if he made his gains through doping.

All this while the domestic cyclocross season is now under way and  Sue Butler (Monavie Cannondale) is kicking some butt and she has not had post-cancer weight loss and she does not get her gains through doping.  So the day she spent with Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish  inside & outside, working on a more efficient pedaling must have made a difference.  

Many times what goes on with a given fit or while on a trainer, even with some sort of video is not what happens in the real world. We took time with Sue after setting up both her bikes to a 10% grade just north of Boise and worked on her game.  We found some things that she didn't know she was doing. Then we went back to the shop and showed her how to improve!  She has!

Sue Butler just took the victory at the Full Speed Ahead Star Crossed event at Marymoor Velodrome, in Redmond, Washington, near Seattle.  Even against Canadian National Champion Wendy Simms and pros like Kathy Sherwin. This is her second win within a month!

Pacific Northwest cyclocross conditions greeted racers & crowds of thousands with rain! Sloppy, slippery, serpentine mess for a race. Perfect!  What better way to test you and your bike skills.  You and your bike need to be one in these conditions.

The women's race quickly became a two-rider affair from the gun, with Sue Butler's new found speed,  taking the hole shot and opening an early lead and she did not look back.  Canadian Champion Wendy Simms was the only woman able to bridge and match Butler's new season race pace, and the fast paced pair road away from the field.

"Sue had a good start and was super smooth," said Simms. " She got away early, but I was able to bridget up to her.  I got a little gap on her and tried to drop Sue, but Sue was super strong and bridged back up, so I had to sit on her wheel and she got away."

Simms said it was Butler's speed on the straights that neutralized her ability to make an attack stick.  " I was doing the corners well but Sue Butler was super-fast on the long straights, where she bridged back up." 

Sue Butler is 37 years young and this is her first UCI elite win of her career.  She did win the National Masters women 35-39 championships in cyclocross last year.  She has been working with Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish during this time and learning how to race faster.  Sue is very willing to learn and it shows in her recent results!  She is also coached by Kendra Wenzel.  

Congrats on your second elite victory Sue!

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