Thursday, September 11, 2008

Opponents heated! Armstrong vs. Wiens at Nat Ross 12 hr-Snowmass, CO!

A opponent is someone who is very driven, competes, fights another in a contest, game, or argument; a strong rival or adversary.  A person who disagrees with or resists the practice of another.  And that seems to be the case with Armtsrong vs. Wiens.  Can we say Lance doesn't like to take 2nd place! 

Was it the guy who won so many medals at the games swimming, and it has been said he is the best man in sport, or was it that another Armstrong took a gold? 

Can you believe it?  Two Armstrong's in the game and they both don't mind mixing their bike practices against anyone in the world.  It seems if you hold the name Armstrong e.g Lance Armstrong or Kristin Armstrong and you wish to race either the "male or female" Armstrong's, you will will have a very real opponent.  You better bring your A-GAME!  Both the male and female can contest what you do!

Its like NASCAR, cycling has strong opponents and they don't like not winning a race and they don't tuck their tails between their legs in anything they do!  In truth, it is both Armstrong's ease for them to contest, rival others in their sport.  That's what makes this sports top entertainment, you get people who's response to a trying situation makes for a good show! 
They get Triple AAA psyched!

Big names at the inaugural 12 Hour - Snowmass, CO this weekend. Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish dealer Nat Ross, race director of the new 12 Hour of Snowmass cross-country mtb race this Sunday, Sept 14th let the news out that the seven-time Tour winner is going to be part of a three-man team at his new 12 hour event. 

While lots of things in cycling are far simpler than companies would have you believe, there really is "rocket science" that can make a difference! And that science is within the human mind, not just the bike. Bike fitting was once considered a luxury for the top riders. A "could be" or a "will be". Refusing to make the investment, will make a quantifiable difference.

Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish has made a impact in bicycle manufactures to take the time to better understand and teach the value of fitting. That is why major brands have come up with some basic fit programs to earn more credit for their dealers!

Nat Ross, who has a great genetic ceiling like Lance Armstrong, knows better than anyone what racing at race pace for 24 hours can do to the mind/body/soul. Your technique, training, equipment and bike in competition and extreme conditions (hot, cold, altitude) taxes you around the clock. That is why Nat Ross is in our camp! Nat pointed out that the 12 hour event is much less taxing, requires less super human focus to the details. You don't get recovery time like rub down after 5 hours, a nap, as the fatigue sets in! Warning signs for each cyclist's unique needs crop up!

Up to 80% of the variability in training stimulus and you learning performance can be attributed to genetic influences. Choose your parents wisely!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink!

Too often, the racers who do these very taxing races have not been viewed as "real world" and become a topic of controversies. The extreme energy needs of these long-lasting events deals with more technical aspects of equipment, aerodynamics, nutrition and biomechanics. That is why our racers are the top racers in the world in these kinds of events. You can't have basic ideas about the pedal stroke here, the smallest of details will show up, or as so often you can't even complete the race.

When you push the mind/human motor/bike to that level, you really see what works or not. It seems that training science is a relatively soft science, meaning that there is no one truth. Different methods may work for different people, and we know of different cyclists and coaches will have different opinions and preferences. Competition is good and looks at methods that make a difference. Several methods have been developed, some become popular but then disappeared off the scene again!

Look at what the car racing world learns from their 24 hour competition. I think almost everyone knows of the 24 hours of LeMons! That is where the opinions and preferences are really tested!

No question our sport has lost much interest with all the crap that has been be going within it.
There are so many races and so many different types of races, leading to subcultures. Many are pro road, and look at anything else as not important. Things really have gotten out of balance with this kind of thinking and the sport was going down hill fast!
When the great Lance Armstrong retired, so did much of the interest, the money, leading the industry not get behind it. Since road racing is such a team sport, and Lance is going back into the European road peloton, he could, with a strong team take number 8! If anything, its going to get the whole world watching and that is what we need (FANS). We don't have anyone in the sport that gets an eye within the media like Lance Armstrong.

In the mean time, in the now, we are very pleased to hear the news that Lance Armstrong is coming back into the sport by racing this weekend. He is so needed to keep the interest in cycling going in the USA and take note, he is not road only! The interest of cycling in the US really went down hill when he retired. Truth is, there is no one alive in the industry/sport that can impact the sport like him.

Other super news is Lance Armstrong is going to race at our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish dealer Nat Ross.

Nat Ross has a new 12 hour race in Snowmass, CO. Nat Ross is a big name and he is even going to be placed in the Hall of Fame in 24 hour mtb racing.

This is no question going to spark interest in the sport. No one brings more interest to the sport than Lance Armstrong!

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