Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nat Ross & Rebecca Rusch wn Payson Stampede!

Nat Ross & Rebecca Rusch take yet another win at Payson Stampede 24-Hr MTB.  These people are tough.  

I was just at Rebecca's party last Saturday, as she showed pics of her 2nd World 24 hour win.  
It was a late night, but fun.  Not the best preparation for the next race, then a major fire in her community.

Rebecca passed this on to me... She is a part time firefigher/EMT in Ketchum, ID. She has been doing this for about 3 years.  She spent the early part of last week working a major fire that burned two commercial buildings on Main Street in Ketchum.  The biggest structure fire reported in the town of Ketchum has ever seen.

The call went out at 3am and she worked straight through till 3pm. The next night, is was her watch from midnight until 10am the next day.  That was Tuesday and the next day left for Arizona.   Again, not the best preparation for a 24 hour race, but she takes her race.

What can we say about Nat Ross, he is also a tough bird!

They both head to Interbike and more long hours.  If you go to Intebike, look them up!
They are both very friendly and are true mtb pros.  Show them the respect they need!

No these are not road racers, but they are just as tough.  They don't have a team to work for them.  MTB needs your support, these folks need your support, and yes these people are the real deal.  If you don't think so, you go race them for 24 hours and see how you hold up!

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