Monday, July 28, 2008

Rebecca Rusch - 2nd World 24 hour Championships

Fitting systems have been slow to gain momentum from very basic ideas, or using some watts recording device, bike stores don't want to perform the service (they say it takes too long, no space), they just want to sell bikes. Store owners/people don't understand how important it is, and who cares if you don't play at your best!  We got your money by a sell and who cares if you have a score of 120 on a par 72 course!

Major bike makers are just getting into the fray and we feel that will certainly help get things moving forward into the 21st century.  Again, they are going to have their own ideas and for the most part that includes their product of design, they want you to buy their goods! 

We don't push one bike over another!  We take what ever bike (if they give you bikes each year) or you buy then next best thing each fall.  You are the motor and you have to learn, there is no sliver-bullet! 

Think about it,  you get your custom clubs made to fit you, but you still have to swing the clubs! And if you have a bad swing, the ball is not going to do what you want it to do, nor with your custom made skis that are dialed, you still have to learn to turn them. After we perform your fit, we teach you what really makes a difference in power and handling.  Understand looking at watts only is only the sum of your effort, not what muscle is doing what or your best moves like the chain of your bike.  Your are a human-linked chain.

That is why people like Rebecca Rusch use our fit over the others?  They get their best results!
Sure there are many ways to swing the club (pedal), but at the end of the game, it's your score, or your results that is the end all. Are you getting the most of each pedal stroke?  Seems like many are not with what ever fit they have.

The 2008 24 hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championships in Canmore, Canada is history books and our gal Rebecca Rusch has made her statement again.

I think we all agree, it would be cool to have any world championship in anything. What ever you do, what ever game or event, what ever what size, to take the world championship means perhaps the best of the best in that game/big show to fight to be the best.

It's a real test of the pecking order. Only dominant players line up side-by-side, purely to intimidate the other, flashing their rides, kits, etc... These are the heavy hitters and the action is going to be real. Tactics & equipment makes a difference!

Since we live in Idaho, we got word that Rebecca was feeling very good a few days before the race and was up for the event from her coach Matthew White. White use to race with Rebecca and lives in Boise, ID., so we saw him on his bike, on his way to his job.

To take one of these races, it helps to have all thing in order, perhaps that is why she has stuck with Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish for her fit solution. It's one thing to ride at race pace, and another thing to do if for 24 hours, so you want everything where it needs to be!

To perform well, you need good support, so you can focus on the race. You need people who can deal with the many unseen battles of the war.

In war, there are many soldiers that don't always obtain credit. With that, a pit crew with people who can problem solve fast is key. She has that support with Jason Bauer., head mech., from George's in Boise, ID. Jason has works like a professional engineer (attention to details) and on many bikes of the top racers in the world, and even works on world tt champion's Kristin Armstrong's road bikes once in a while.

So here is the story! The women's event was won by reigning world champion Rebecca Rusch (Specialized). She is super tough and remarked on the toughness of the hilly Canmore course. If she noted on the toughness of a course, it was tough!

"That was the hardest course I have ever done"

Rebecca is the real deal and she can take "rain and the cold" as she headed a race team "Team Montrail", for years doing adventure races where they can sometimes stay up for days on end in rain, snow, cold, etc...  Legendarily, very fit, she has spent a decade as on of the world's top adventure racers,  Rebecca has made use of her improved bike handling skills!

Two time 24 Hour World Champion.

We help people reach their dreams!  What is it you want to do?

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