Saturday, July 12, 2008

Georgia Gould is back on top in NMBS East Coast National!

A physiological background is not some new high-tech. Different sports make differing demands on the athlete. Cycling is greatly dependent upon the body's ability to utilize O2 in working muscles.  But at times we also need anaerobic breakdown processes in the absence of O2.  Some where in the middle is perhaps the best blend of both for cycling.

There is no "Sliver Bullet", this is hard mental work.  Sport physiology, for the most part started in 1965  by the Swedish about the requirements of top-class human work-machine.  It started in sport back in the day of Swedish stars, such as Ingemar Stenmark and top skiers.

Let's see that is 43 years ago. Even in that day, biochemical and advanced telemetry techniques where used to research.  Even Swedish companies supported the studies and economic grants and as my good friend, Ron Sargent who coached the top US Women said used "Precision" to obtain better results.

Not so in the USA, as anything goes, more about marketing than precision.  The industry just wanted to get you in the door and move bikes.  Who cares how you ride, they only wanted your money.  They are not in the teaching game, they don't have time for that.  They only hype what they have been told.

"All they know is what they heard".  Just follow the heard and do what they do!   

Want to find out if something works? Want to find something that works better than the older followed ideas?  Then you take it to the races!  Take the national championships one year and you don't know who will be on top the next.  They might even be on a team.

Demand analysis lead to the newer trends, new requirements of top-class racers determining a better way of doing things and oh yes, that info goes with them  to other sources for others to copy.  The objective of the analysis is to attempt to identify gains with respect to knowledge about man as a work-machine.  New knowledge frequently leads to new techniques and methods.  Understand, there is no family in this game, you never know who your friends/family is from one year to the next.  Best get use to that!  And you best have some thick skin and be a fighter.  Someone is going to be gunning for you, and that is the nature of sport. 

This is not a easy!  You work hard and play even harder and someone out there wants your head.  This is like NASCAR, it might take you 9 years to get to the top and then you have a star jump and go to anther team e.g. Joe Gibbs racing w/ 450 people on the payroll and then their "learned star", Tony Stewart's decides to move on, after 9 years. Ouch!

That has happen to us more than we can count, and from the top teams in the game  as many had the money (support) pulled (legs cut) from them e.g. Team Lipton and Boise's, hard working star Kristin Armstrong who took Cascade Road Race just today, and no question is making her mark in the sport.  Other teams like  7UP/Nutra Fig when they beat Lance Armstrong in races at San Fran, CA.  The list goes on e.g. Subway, Navigators, A&F, private racers and even at the college level taking national championship teams Fort Lewis College to the top. 

You learn very fast that things do change and you have to keep the passion to take your info to another level.  You have to be driven to take on the world.  We have the data to back up who we have worked with, a kind of "blueprint" of them and they are many of the best in the world at what they do (road, tt, tri, track, mtb).

Factors governing performance capacity goes like this.  Performance capacity, actually consists of the following sub-functions:

1) Energy-yielding processes.
2) Muscular strength (both maximal strength & endurance).
3) Technique and coordination in regards to the correct bike fit needs.
4) Psychological factors, such as will-power, motivation, concentration, etc...

Joe Gibbs said it best "In the elite sport, things change fast and you have to pull up your boots and work harder than ever to stay in the top, or even to just be in the game".  You have to work harder, to unveil more performance because you might be teaching the very person who wants to turn around and challenge you!  They learn what you do and then use that info against you!  So if you don't come up with something better you will go away!

Georgia Gould  just proved she's back in top form and that she can work hard.  The spring European campaign is very taxing, but she had to go to get the UCI points!  She just rode solo again on our solutions to win in the XC race at the NMBS in Windham, NY.  Her team-mates Catherine Pendrel & Katerina Nash finished 2nd, 3rd.

Jeremiah Bishop takes 3rd only 0,19 off the finish!

But there is more!  There are others who are working very hard.

Pua Sawicki who is one of our 24 hour female pro just took 4th.  Pua is morphing into something else and getting faster every race, every phone call, email and even on the short track.  She has really done her homework and what makes a difference. 

Then we had Steve Neal's gals,  Michal Dyck taking 6th and Emily Batty 8th and came Lea Davison who  finished 10th, Sue Butler 15th, and Chloe Forsman 16th.

"RESULTS" and 6 of the top 10.

We can't claim anything, but we can show you a good "TREND".

Perhaps we should claim "The Ultimate Driving Machine Lies Within Your Skin".

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