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Independence/Firecracker 50 - Jeremiah Bishop "USA Nat. Marathon Winner 2008"

We take great pride and celebrate the "independence " of many things around July 4th.
Independence is what makes our country what it is.

The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do - Walter Bagehot

Jeremiah Bishop is well known for his independence in the mtb industry. He will not use anything that's doesn't work to improve his game.

Perhaps the best "independence of day's " of say "old ways vs. new". How could the contributor's recognized authorities, the scientific adviser's of the past, not have known of the drugs used? Many hold degrees in the biological sciences. People who specialized in musculoskeletal practices, metabolism during exercise, biochemistry, and with peer-reviewed journals, working with pro teams?

We don't follow old paths, old leaders, or the drugs to get more performance, rather we used a systematic attempt to establish theories to explain observed phenomena and the knowledge obtained through our efforts.

We are independent of those who say we are not science based? We can measure a number of variables in a semi-laboratory situation that can give us an indication of some one's abilities to perform in different disciplines. This can be helpful to define weaknesses on which you need to work to obtain success.

In other words "Science". Part pure science for the sake of obtaining new knowledge and then applied science, or the practical application of scientific theory and laws.

First applied science on road is Mark Hekman. We have changed his understanding!

2008 USA Crits Series
Race 5 - July 5: Iron Hill Twilight Crit, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Toshiba-Santo strongman Mark Hekman has once again found the form he displayed in 2007, by winning Saturday’s 4th annual Iron Hill Twilight Criterium in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Hekman, who held the lead the 2007 USA Crits Series until a crash at Downers Grove ended his pursuit of the title, lapped this year’s Iron Hill field with 20 laps remaining in the race.
"I got away on the 10th lap and just crushed

1 Mark Hekman (USA) Toshiba-Santo WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.
2 Dave Guttenplan (USA) TIME Pro Cycling

Just as in any other sport, things change, but only slowly as many only follow rulers of the day. Only time proven resuts will change things. It will always be that way!

Results of experiments are observed, and conclusions are drawn from observed "results". The conclusions may tend to uphold or to refute the hypothesis only with time (1999-2008). At the start, the team of engineers, PhD's, PT's, PA's, biomechanics instrumentation and research, wind-tunnels has been tested and has for many provided racer's with success at the highest level in the world in all cycling games as in this weekend.

It took our team of engineers, PT's, PA's, PhD's and their "independence" of the old ways, 2 1/2 years to develop our precision ft solution software just for mtb and then another 2 years for road bikes working hand-and-hand with world-class competitors Kendra and Rene Wenzel who raced at top levels of international competition. Providing real feedback, at the highest level from racers across the world.

From the start, there have been many who struggled with our "independence", our science based methods, who said we can't do that! There are many who still think that way, as they are antagonist and compete for our customers. We wish them well. but it is the 21 Century and software is here to stay, we are sorry it makes them uncomfortable, perhaps their independence of something that works, that makes a difference.

It was our "independence" that pulled high-tech into the game of cycling for others to follow. Just now are we hearing that the majors are attempting to understand more about human movement over mass production.

Independence means we really don't follow! We where the first online in 1999, to use CAD , the first to use lasers, and many other high-tech that has since been only copied. e.g. Dartfish to teach you more truth after the fit.

Our focus of "independence" was a close look at what is needed (biomechanical principles) to get the essential basics for the mtb and road, allowing the human to hone their skills and get the most out of each race/ride. We have used the very best tools, lasers, forceplates, sEMG, powermeters, time proven to make people make more watts! Computer analysis of biomechanics data/instrumentation has made a difference!

This past weekend more "independence - success" came to a few of the racers in the high country of Colo. There energy needs are truly taxed, as very high and large amounts of energy are the key to sustain outputs. Ideas are put to the test!

You can have a very powerful car engine, but if you don't get the O2 e.g. turbo, it will not run well. At this elevation, you would do best with perhaps a "blower" for the best gases exchange within the lungs. But then you have to think about the cellular level of gas exchange.

The breathing cycle - the ventilatory cycle consisting of an inspiration followed by the expiration of a volume of gas called the tidal volume.

The breathing work, the energy required for breathing movements (respiratory muscles) and the volume of air moved during a breathing cycle becomes key "Rocky Mt. High". So if your upper body is off, the breathing muscles don't work at their best, so is the breathing work!

The likelihood of running out of fuel (fat, carbohydrate, and protein) is really tested here. You can have many ideas on fits on the roads, flats, riding in a group, etc... You can get someone to pull you! But here, it is you against the lack of air, and the playground. You have to have the perfect balance of things.

Most of our racers don't run out fuel, plus they get the key (O2) needed for potential work. These processes differ in the amount of oxygen required and also the rates at which they can generate energy for ATP synthesise.

There is very little you can do for preparing for one-day races at this elevation. In these situations an individuals ability to generate maximal, sustainable power to overcome resistance plays a key role in determining success.

No matter your strategy, the physiological demands are at the highest level when you do these races. Fatigue during prolonged strenuous events at elevation determine if you can even get the O2 you need to

Jeremiah always does well at these high elevation races and has the track record to back it up.
We got a email from Pua, who took off the front, only to have a crash on a downhill section, so she DNF. 24 Hour World Champion Rebecca Rusch took 5th place in the event.

Firecracker 50 - US National Marathon Championship is high country racing in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, July 4, 2008.

Results Elite men

1 Jeremiah Bishop (Trek/VW) 3.49.38 WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2 Michael Mccalla (ScottUSA) 1.10
3 Evan Plews (ScottUSA/CSC) 1.25
4 Dave Wiens (Topeak Ergon) 1.58
5 Kelly Magelky (Trek/VW) 9.44
6 Travis Brown 10.48
7 Mark Santurbane (California Giant Ber) 11.30
8 Greg Krause (Ellsworth/Primal) 11.43
9 Josh Bezecny (Trek/VW) 15.31
10 Colby Pearce (Slipstream/Chipotle) 22.43

Elite women
1 Sari Anderson 4.29.12
2 Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe's) 5.01
3 Jennifer Gersbach (Dale's Pale Ale/Spot) 7.41
4 Jenny Smith (Trek/VW) 18.24
5 Rebecca Rusch (Specialized / Red Bu) 21.01 WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish

Candy Hartman to wobble show details 12:17 PM

Hi! This isn't quite as exciting as the other comments you get on clients winning races and such but on June 28th we did the RATPOD ride in Dillon, MT. It was 130 miles with nearly 6000 feet of climbing. We finished much quicker than we expected and felt great the whole day (and the day after!) We know that had it not been for you fitting both of our bikes in the past year the results would not have been the same. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy riding!!

Don and Candy Hartman

Independence Day! A reason to celebrate!

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