Saturday, July 19, 2008

Olympians battled neck to neck in Mount Snow!

Georgia Gould and Mary McConneloug are our two best mtb racers and they are both heading to Beijing in August.  They just put on nose to nose (neck to neck) mud puddle to mud puddle race to the end.   It seems that they both learned from the race!

The race ended with Mary McConneloug by a mud puddle, a neck, or a nose, taking the 2008 national cross-country title.  The Olympians opened a huge gap on the field, including fast company like Katie Compton all the way to the end.

McConeloug has a history at Mount Snow - she has won the last four major xc races held at the Vermont ski area.

Good for Georgia Gould taking second and learning a few things about gears for passing.  She has been so use to riding solo to a win!  Georgia said Mary kept her at bay on the straights and had no place to pass. Too big of a gear and not use to having to do this?  When she went for the drag race at the end, Georgia pointed out that she was in too big of a gear and could not "wind-it-up" to get overtake McConneloug.  

Wind-up is a very important part of the game when you are neck to neck.  She will not make that mistake the next time!

Congrats to them both for a good race.  Good stuff for both of them, as it is going to be a real battle in Beijing with the rest of the world.

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