Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Globalization of Maliciousness

A small voice from a far! You would think a professional website would be more professional?

Globalization leads to "Blog-a-lization" (is that a word?), a lot of hot air and it can lead to maliciousness, sometimes not very professional statements. Some of the malicious comments come from those that don't have a full understanding of the physiology of exercise and the responses & adaptations.

Many topics from physical education, athletics, and medical concepts are discussed across the many cycling web sites. Where appropriate, conclusive statements are made about phenomena in exercise physiology but, generally, no attempt is made to gloss over the abundant controversies in the field.

It is assumed that people at the college level should be told when problems are unresolved. Given the current interest in aerobic exercise, cycling has in the past been only "blood & guts."

I don't see the showers of glory here! We list our facts. Each and every week, we highlight the elite group of top riders that use our service. The race is where the pros are, mate! The racer is pushing technique! He/she has in every sport: cars, bikes, skiing, etc...

It was said, we can't "do what we do", that "is has failed". Try telling that to the many people who use it with great success. Georgia Gould, Shonny Vanlandingham, Rebecca Rusch, Pua Sawicki are just a few of them that have been in the news just this past week.
He list a number of facts or conclusive statements (without facts) and if you work closely with science, you can't claim anything.

Most of the time, we don't waste our time reading all the misleading information about fitting.
Our goal is not to improve their knowledge on our nickel for their MO to retard the world of science. The web has allowed voices to express their personal thoughts on what I view must be the "dream land."

"Steve H - I spend a large part of my working life getting results for people that the above style of thinking has failed."

Anyone who has used our Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG & Dartfish knows how it has made a difference in their game. He is correct that no two people are the same and that is why we take measurements. I guess he knows all of our constraints?
I guess our racers should stop winning! It's pissing people off! Even in the "Dream Land."

In this game with the many voices, the doping, and the internet, you have to learn to tolerate all the self proclaimed experts.

Here is someone who claims that he spends most of his time fixing Wobble-naught fitted riders and we don't even have anyone in his country.

Take it to the race, mate! List the success if you have it!

I guess the thousands of fits we perform by our many dealers are jumping on planes and flying across the world without us knowing? Seems like another dream!

I guess the increasing watts is not real and the success of our many racers is just a dream?

This person has no idea what we do, nor will we provide him with our methods. It is a good thing, he writes for as an international expert!

I am very sure the presidential candidates don't like political reporters, especially one who has a MO to improve their own business.

Can we perhaps say, "The last of the breed - before researched-based information takes over and becomes the trend over guess work." Experiential advice is a dime a dozen! I guess if you don't measure, the only thing you can do is claim that no two people are the same. Boy! Does he have that right!

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