Thursday, May 15, 2008

Racers do well at Mt. Hood!

To move ahead in a chosen sport, you will need to hone skills and that requires both hard work and the mental drive that goes along with it. You won't become an expert overnight. But don't give up and success comes from those who have put in their time.

There is a ton of information on technique and strategy on how to move ahead of the pack. Coming from the multi-sports background, and with many years in sports, what matters is quality training and quality concepts from a scientific approach.

It has been said, you can't break down the pedal stroke? How else can one explain or teach?
To know the underlying mechanism, that is to know as much as possible about the physical and chemical laws responsible for the change in function is key! The simple desire or natural curiosity or belief, or to predict is not enough!

Strength without technique is "impotent."

That looks like the case in Mt. Hood as we see more seasoned racers ahead of the pack. So intelligence with mental imagery (strength - speed - technique) very much part of the larger picture of success. Conditioning the mind through mental imagery improves the quickness and makes for a stronger nwuropsychological bond of mind and body.

How do you know what makes a difference from a biomechanical analysis for one person to the next? There are basic mechanics of cycling and they can be broken down in areas: pedaling, gears, and riding strategy. To win, you have to master them all.

Pedaling is the major focus, as that is where the power comes from. We can only show them what their stroke should be, what muscle is doing what, how to hold the arms in a sprint. They still have to learn when to change gears to conserve energy. And lastly, they have to have a team strategy along with the desire to race and win. Time is perhaps the best teacher here!
It takes many races to learn what you need to do.

One of the hard things about the fitting service is you work with people in their homes, on the road, and share what we have that makes a difference for them and then the team changes. It is just information after all, so you can't claim anything, except you had a chance to show them what you know and what they are doing. The rest is up to them.

Like skiing, their are many types of skiing. Downhill, XC, Freestyle, etc... The road game is only one of the many different types of racing, it is not the only one, but it gets the most press.

It is so different than mtb, tt, etc... it is very much a team game and you might not even have a team that can work together to put you (your best sprinter) up front for a chance to win. It takes a ton of effort from all to work for their sprinter.

If you have followed our history you will know the names that we have worked with.

We are very happy with the Mt. Hood results. We would like to send congrats to the racers that we have worked with.

We want to send congrats to Jenn Halladay (USA) who placed 10th in the pro women. Why is this cool, well, she is a mother of 5 and holds her own against the pros.

We are pleased to see Tina Pic Colavita / Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light taking the crit. She is so nice off the bike, we wonder where she gets the mind set to out sprint so many in the many years she has been winning?

As for the men, many of the top racers are on our fit. They got fitted by Craig Upton.

Again, we have worked with so many and the results are super. Many times, due to the newer teams, the contracts, we can't blog about their success! But we know, and we have their fits in our data base.

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