Monday, October 08, 2007

Dane Spencer is a True Pro - Back again on the US Ski Team!

How many of you know a real pro in any given sport? I mean a person who has spent 10 to 20 plus years in something and making a living at it. Not retail, not the local pond fish, but someone who takes it to the world, and the world is a very large pond!

Perhaps being a professional at something means being a person who does something for most of your life, at the highest level. Life is hard, and this means that over a period of time, a pro will have many ups and downs. Maybe the best way to determine a real pro is to see someone who has stayed in the game. We respect people who keep at their job/work.

However, we see many mass marketing systems jump into the fitting game to make a quick buck. They know that something is needed, as people are learning more, demanding more truth, but they don't want to purchase and own tools that could really make a difference. Why don't they think it worth it to pay for something that gives the truth, the facts, and realistic answers? Maybe the reason is that they never learned the value of purchasing something worthwhile. They can get you close, thinking it's better than nothing! "After all," they think, "No one can claim anything because it's 'I say vs. you say'. And besides our bike can do this for you!"

I just had a word with a long time friend, US Ski Team member, Dane Spencer. Dane has been on the US Ski Team for 13 years now. Boy, how time turns over. Dane is a true pro, a real go getter, and has stuck to his sport throughout the years. He doesn't waste time with a bunch of small talk or hype.

Why is this so cool? Well Dane broke his neck in a 2006 DH that would have killed almost anyone else. After a year of recovering, he's back and that is what is so cool. He has not abandoned the dream and is still on the US Ski Team, headed across the pond this upcoming Friday.

Dane, at one time wanted to do Wobble-Naught fits while attending CU in Boulder, Colorado. He knows that our system works and knows that we even know a thing or two about snow skiing. You see, we have been working with the best of the best in the ski game for many years.

Dane asked how things are going, and I said, we have earned our keep. He understands! It's hard to get to the bottom of the 'better truth'. I told him we have learned much using the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish. I asked if the Dartfish has been of help for him. He didn't waste any time sharing what it does for him.

Dane and I both know, that the best are the one's looking to make a difference and that can take many years. Dane, on the US Ski Team for 13 years now, using Wobble-Naught CAD and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish since 2000. We both stick to what we do and that is what makes the difference.

In sports, there are many ideas and a ton of money pushers selling their mass-market fitting solutions. Many sportsmen can't ride or ski without company funding to pay the bills. So many end up spending their entire sports careers using equipment that doesn't allow them to perform optimally.

Go to a race camp and inform the GM that someone needs something that a company doesn't make or provide and they can very well say "We don't care, just ride the bike". We even see certain brand bikes painted like the brand who pays the bills. Right or wrong this is how it is. So just because some company has the money to promote their products, doesn't mean it is best for you! Please be aware of this the next time you go to buy a bike! It's more about you and meeting your needs, than the brand of any product you have.

With that, Dane has stayed the course, and keeps after it even following wrecks that would have killed others. He never throws in the towel (his history). Many of the brands he has been on did not serve him well, but that is racing. Think about it, after 13 years on a national team, Dane is still looking for that boot that meets his needs.

The same holds true for cycling. You can spend your entire career on a fit that is not going to make any difference. Now that is sad! Why trust your active life style, and racing career on hear-say, when you can get the hard facts using tools like Wobble-naught CAD and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, just like the US Ski Team.

Ask any member of the US Ski Team, if they change their train of thought after leaving their local pond.The problem with the small pond is that most won't go to the effort of providing the tools that make differences. They'll just hang a string from your knee and call it good. How sad!

A sport is not measured by how poorly you perform, but rather how well you perform! Not until it is already over do we learn how well we did, and by then it's history.

Dane Spencer was the #1 US ski racer at age 16. The guy is a true pro and his history backs that fact! He has an understanding of the sport and how hard it can be. Dane, after talking about Dartfish said: "Dartfish makes a huge difference, and I can see where it would help with a finite pedal stroke." Dane unerstands that skiing is about making every turn count and that is what we do. Think of 5,000 bad turns per hour. We can show you what you need, minus the guesswork! How can you set the bike up without knowing what you need? Once the need fact is established, you can make your best strokes/turns!

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