Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cyclocross, Plus "MONEY" at Sun Valley, ID Oct. 27-28th!

The cyclocross scene is happening!!!

With new stars like Katie Compton and our gal Georgia Gould, the game is growing fast. After the huge turn out at Vegas things are on fire across the land.

Cyclocross is not like other cycling sports, where for the most part you just stand and watch the start or finish. Cyclocross has lots of action, and you'll love it! You can watch much of the race from one area. The continual ups and downs, terrain, and sand make for great viewing and fun.

No questions about it, this is where our Wobble-Naught CAD shines the brightest! Just take a look at our mountain bike results, an area which demands improved bike-handling skills, taxing balance, and perfect pedaling stroke, along with super quick mounts and dismounts. The pace is fast, the heart rate is high, and the fun nonstop, there is no recovery time.

Go see a cyclocross event, or better yet, come to Sun Vally, Idaho on October 27th and 28th to race the "Idaho State Cyclocross Championships", and win $2000 cash!!! That is right, $2000 US Cash from Wobble-Naught at the Idaho State Cyclocross Championships. Cash might help pay for the players to get there and put on a good show.

Wobble-Naught really attempts to give back to the sport we are part of! What business do you know that gives cash to help the local racers? This is not our first time of providing cash, you check our records, as we have in the past shelled out thousands and hope that this will get others started in providing cash for the racers.

Races don't run on products and a t-shirt only. They need the support of local fans and the industry to help keep things rolling. Again, product is nice, but it doesn't pay for the parts that get broken by racers, or for gas to the events, etc.

We hope other's (fans, industry) will step up to the plate and help support the very sports that feed them. If we want to keep the cycling sport alive, we all need to help.


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