Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We hear that some think our fit is for racing only. Naught!

Too often people think they wouldn't want their bikes setup like the racers.

While haviing breakfast in Sun Valley, ID, it was said that the tt fit was a bit much! True, it is hard work to sit like that for a given time frame! However, it's what you must do if you want to go fast! You don't ski very fast simply standing up!

The fact is that the racer's want as much comfort as they can get and still be able to go hard! That is how they make a living, and they are on the bikes more hours than most!

We don't have a racer fit, but rather the focus is "stacking the bones", something that allows you to go hard when needed. This is a hard sport and yes mass marketing is attempting to get the average joe to simply ride a bike! They don't care how you ride, they just want to sell bikes! That is how they make money! Most bike retail stores don't have the time to fit you to the bike they sell. Sure, everyone wants a free setup when they buy a new bike! Let's eye-ball it and call it good!

There are fit systems and ideas that make you feel good about riding the bike! Do they stack your bones the correct way? Do they allow you to have improve performance?

Look at it this way! Not many can ski, carving their turns from the top of Baldy to its bottom at Warm Springs, in Ketchum, ID. The truth is that not many can ski most of the runs at Jackson Hole, WY.

So on one hand, rear entry ski boots made life easy for some! Did the boots stay on the market? Did those boots provide the needs of the non-novice to carve the runs from top to bottom at Baldy, ID or Jackson Hole, Wy? "Naught".

It took years before the rear-entry boot started to go away! Now most boots match a persons foot more closely, providing a better interface! You still have to learn how to use them! However, you have a better chance of skiing most runs! A ton of money was made by the industry! People will buy into anything! After all, the best ski boot retail store in town sales them!

We don't know too many people who can have their head stuck out from their body for 5 hours at a time without the muscles going away. It's just part of the sport! We also don't know too many people who can go hard with a passive bike setup! Most people can ride up to a certain speed, but can they hold it, or keep the pace?

What's the ever-ending story? What is it you want to do? The road is not the same as a mtb, nor is the mtb the same as a tt, or the tri the same as the tt.

Again, we can't claim anything!!! However we have a good trend on what works best for a given event! The only way we can test what we are doing, is by watch the results, is by racing!

We don't think anyone wants to do sports to do them poorly! What's the point in that? We also know that racers will not use anything that slows them down! They simply will not do it! Yes, some of them peak at different times of the year, and yes not one racer can win every race!

That is why it takes the course of an entire year or even the accumulation of years to watch the results! It might take years to learn how to pedal.

One thing is for sure: the "window of racing can be short", and if you want to guess on what works best, your window might be shut! Not too many can ride like a Ned Overland at the age of 51! Most don't have the time!

The rest of us have to work!

We are just pleased to get to work in the game!

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