Thursday, June 14, 2007

Navigators holds team lead, while Glen Chadwick does it again at Tour de Beauce, Can

The Navigators Insurance team are showing up to races almost every weekend and they are always placing someone in the top ten! Some will say that it is luck...

Chadwick does it again, and uphill! Two wins in two days! Many of his teammates placed in the top 10 as well. In racing, you hope for everthing to stay together on the bike. However, when you have the bike setup in the best way, it really shows. You don't have to worry if the bike is setup in order to get your best perfromance. You actually get to focus on the race!

We call it paying attention to the details of bike fitting. When we began Wobble-naught, we utilized lasers to make fits precise. The other fitting systems just began to copy us! In our minds, it meant they weren't the leaders in the business, but rather mass marketing outfits wanting a slice of the pie!

Then you have your 'majors' with their fitting ideas. Do they have the basic info? Yes. What about the details? "NAUGHT". They don't want to have to pay us for the years of R&D, or for CAD software, which are what makes the differences. Using the basic tools won't uncover your game. It's sad that so many retailers don't really care about how you ride, they only do the basics because they want your money!

It's all about "getting the money or selling their brand", and not about you, the motor, or "blue-printing" it. They will say anything and everything to support their ideas, which is why they will say that they can do what we do. Naught!

We came up with a new way of coaching your movements, and then some other outfitters attempted to copy us! We've had dealers use our systems for a few years, and then pull the plug, because they start thinking they can do it by eye! The bottom line is, they don't like to pay us for the software! So the real loss is to the customer! The dealer would make money, but they would also have to pay us for our CAD software.

Life is about choices! You can pay for someones eye-ball work or you can get the real deal! Just make sure you do your homework before accepting the 'pro' who just 'eye -balls' your fit! It is your body and even the smallest error can hurt you!

It's bitter sweet to be the benchmark of fitting! There are always going to be the nay-Sayers! We had five National Championships in 2001, and 25 in the last year! So if the 'copy-cats' are doing it right, then why are our riders all showing super trends?

How can anyone claim anything in this sport? One day, not so long ago, coaches said power meters didn't work? Now they are considered the norm. There are many who claim themselves as professionals, claiming they are 'in-the-know!' We've even watched some racers move away from our fit and their results fell quickly. Why?

The fact is, you can't claim anything, you can only show trends! Don't use a copy-cat, get the real deal, and take it to your race. Your PR's will come!

We take our fit to the races and let the "baby walk on its own two feet (pedals)." Ha!

Yet another trend! Glen Chadwick, (Navigators Insurance), wins Stage 2 after a great individual effort at the end of the race.

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