Monday, June 04, 2007

A little 200 mile road race "Idaho Style". Fastest time 7 hr 58 min.

Our Lyle Pearson friends have to have the cars to keep up with the fast paced racer's of Idaho (Acura-Jaguar-Land Rover-Mercedes-Benz-Porsche-Volvo)race starts at Boise, ID at 6am and races to Sun Valley, ID, totaling 200 miles of some of pretty cool country.

How do you race when the temperatures hit 97 degrees Farenheit in Boise, and on the same day it snows on you during a mountain pass?

Did you know that Wobble-naught, Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, Scott Bikes , Smith Optics, George's, and many other well known companies call Idaho home? Did you also know that Idaho is home to Kristin Armstrong, Rebbeca Rusch, and Georgia Gould, all of whom took a National Championship in 2006. This country will make you or break you!

The race had 50 teams with support cars, (etc...) and they some very tasty "hotdogs" at the Smith Optics parking lot, just under Mt. Baldy in Ketchum, ID (aka. Sun Valley). Oh yes, and you could also wash it down with a (PBR)Past Blue Ribbon! Idaho Cool Factor!

Check out the pictures: I think you will agree we live in a very pretty state! For sure this helps owns "state of mind"!

Note: there are very few cars on the road, but they can haul it!

Let's see, which one do I start with?

"Joe, I understand you date Kristin Armstrong and you know harder tires work better, but 200-psi?"

"I think this one will work?"

"200 miles? Yes!"

"When you race 200 miles, you need a little fuel to keep you going! Perhaps this is a setup that has more to do with getting the wind off your chest than carbo loading? Ha!"

"A few had the real deal! Can you eat a whole van of Hammer Gel?"

"A rig ready for the snow run-off!"

"Come on, we have only 190 more miles!"

"I understand Idaho is not flat! Take a look ahead of what is to come!"

"Hurry, get on that wheel!"

"There is a race going on! What the hell are you guys doing?"

"Check point 1 of 8! The check points are about 1 hour per check point!"

"I love racer's salt!"

"Didn't you use to live here?"
"Recovery time!"

"Hey Dude! I had the fastest first time of 52-min on leg one!"
"A flat section? No!"
"Going the 55mph speed limit and looking for more!"
"Don't you hate the ugly rest stops! The driver couldn't wait? A few cups of joe can make a feller go!"
"Come on! You only have 120 miles more! You can do it!"

"Rocky Mountain High! Not quite, there is a ton of climbing yet!"

"Does the snow really get that deep? Yes!"

"What's up with the gates? Is this a private road? I hear "gates" are the new thing? There must be some very fine homes in there?"

"Oh look! Someone on a bike!"

"Why would anyone one want to ride here?"

"Just look how they let this fence get run-down from elk jumping over them? They just let the elk run wild!"

"The entire Stanley Fire Deptartment, breaking the fun meter and drinking beer at their new swimming pool? Also note there is no one in it; I guess no one could swim a few laps to pass the swimming test for the deep end!"

"Where did you get that latte? Look at that tan! I didn't know that truck drivers drink lattes?"

"Heading up the Salmon River... Just 28 miles to Smiley Creek, ID on a false flat with major head winds! Rivers run downhill!"

"Honey this is a long race, I know you stopped being a PT, but I could use your help, my back is killing me!"
"Stop it! Saddle up and let it buck!"

Greg "AKA Chopper" Randolph, from Smith Optics, getting a sun tan on a super hot 77-degrees kind of day! On such a hot day, a little sun protection is needed for your head!

A few locals watching with 10X vison, checking things out! These guys can haul it, up to 70mph and they wonder why the racers are going so slow.

It's a good thing they provide us with a map! We could get lost! Worse yet, someone might think we live in the midwest! Ha!

Idaho has health in its water and one of the best sources is (salmonids), providing the healthy omeg-3 fatty acids DHA (docohexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)! Your immune and neurological systems and a lower risk of heart disease are the rewards from some cold water fish. Stopped by the local health market to get some fish for good health!

Note the #3 and GMC! NASCAR race fans? Yes, that is a washing pan, left rear for hands!
That yellow thing is a Lazy Boy! Wonder if they have HD on the big screen in inside? I asked them how much "horse power" they had. They said two, and they had sent the motor's out to get them blue-printed. It seems that the motor's were running a little rich! You could see spent fuel eveywhere. It had a very funny order to it! So I also asked what kind of fuel they use? They would not say, but they did say it was green and mixed with water. Hope they don't use EPO?

I heard a lot of "Baaaaaa-ing" going on? So I went over to ask if any of them had "heard" anything? They would not talk! Perhaps they were told that if they talked, they could end up in the stew. I did see a few suspects that were black and did not look like the rest of herd. I suspect they would be the "black sheep".

"UCI rules need to be ran, even in your local events! Look at the nose of that saddle "Legal Baby?" OK! Just checking!"

The party gets started at Smith Optics. Baldy in the background!

Check out those shades! Smith Optics makes some real shades, look how that building is making the shade for Alex. Alex, Remi, and Josh, "Free-lipper", set a new course record under 8 hours. I think it was 7 hours 58min for the 200 mile race. Only 49 other teams raced!

What you hear about Sun Valley is true. Some of the party girls from Ketchum, ID.

All in a days work! Maybe a little sushi at Sushi's on 2nd in downtown Ketchum, ID

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