Monday, June 11, 2007

TEAM Lipton's Armstrong nearly sweeps mt. sprints!

Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton) won the best climber's prize.

She took the title: "Queen of the Mountain". Lemon Hill seemed to be her focus, so getting onto the right wheels for it was key.

With overcast skies and calm winds, the peloton, made much smaller than in recent years by a limit of 6 riders per team, stayed mostly together. So finding the right wheel was again key.

TEAm Lipton's Kristin Armstrong nearly swept the mountain sprints, winning all four trips up the famed Manayunk wall, and all but one on the smaller Lemon Hill.

Armstrong used TEAm to perfection on each trip through the community of Manayunk, hitting the base of the climb on the front and powering all the way to the top, without giving up the lead.

Each time Armstrong led the field to the top of Manayunk wall, she pulled away a small group, who gained once, up to more than ten seconds on the bunch. However, the sprinters teams were interested in keeping things together.

In the end it was Ina taking her third win.

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