Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sea Otter looking good!

After staying in the San Fran area, dining out, and having the owner of Scott USA come in from the street to say hello, it is going to be a good week. Scott USA is based in Sun Valley, ID and many of the racers are riding them. A good bike.

I just interacted with a new star, UCI World #1, Georgia Gould, (the well know queen of NORBA) and Shonny Vanlandingham, as they had their breakfast with their Luna Team leader ,Alison Dunlap.

We performed the usual greetings, exchanged hugs, etc... A good way to start out the day.

After going to the track yesterday to get a few racers ready, I announced that I was pleased that the course was dry. I had to wade around in ankle high mud last year. Alison was very quick to point out not to even talk about rain. Ha!

Things are good at this time, but the winds are like "trade winds", never stopping. The jet stream is just south of us, so weather might be a factor. There are showers expected this weekend and the temps are only in the low 50's.

If things stay the way they are, the mtb races are going to be super fast.

There are something like 9,000 racers here.

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