Monday, April 30, 2007

Coast to Coast wins: "Gould, Pic, Hekman, Ross"

Let's see! On the women's side, Tina Pic took the crit in her home state, Roswell, GA. Georgia Gould had at one time a 5 minute lead on Sunday at Firestone to take the win in mtb CA, after taking 2nd with two wrecks on Saturday. Shonny Vanlandingham is getting back on course and takes a 2nd behind Gould on Sunday and as well as taking a 3rd on Saturday. Rebecca Rush took 2nd at the 12-hr Dirt,Sweat,Gears in Tennessee.

Mark Hekman sprints to perhaps the biggest and well know race in the US, "The Athens Twilight", then takes a 7th at Roswell Crit on Sunday. Nat Ross had about a 10 minute lead on the field and took first in 12-hr Dirt,Gears, Sweat in Tennessee.

Its hard to keep up with it all!

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