Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Riding With a Purpose!

Cycling topics are very controversial. How much can performance theoretically improve, even when you do improve one's performance (i.e. Georgia Gould and the many others we have worked with)?

Greg LeMond was first to note that he saw a jump in performance, leading to the use of drugs. I think we will all agree that there is only so much that one can do!
If you break the pedal stroke down to each stroke, to how each muscle fires, you can see someone ride better and stay injury-free. Knowledge is the key!

Today, there are many who just talk the talk on the Internet and attempt to sale the look in a magazine. There are a few, however, who are more about "action & results", even after racing at the top of the international game.

This man was a teammate with Lance Armstrong on the road, he was also one of the best mtb racers in the world and still holds a love for the sport. He doesn't buy into all the talk, but is a man of action and knows that our tools can show him how to refine his moves. We can all get better.

Chopper, (as LeMond was nicknamed because of the huge side-burns he had in his days as a pro), lives in Sun Valley, ID, and was a man who rode with purpose both then and now! He loves to fine-tune his bikes. Why would anyone do sport to do it poorly?

LeMond is not your 'Sunday Rider', but was a international cycling expert. Greg Randolph is much respected in the cycling game. He already rides faster than most, but is always riding with a purpose. Greg part of the head team of Smith Optics Marketing. After working with so many professional teams, like CSC, etc... he could get a fit from anyone, but he chose to use Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish cutting-edge techniques.

As you ride, you must balance what you know, or think you know, against what you discover, in order to create a pedal stroke that is consistent, clear, and effective.
You need to strike the right balance between finding your purpose and then demonstrating that purpose. Without the correct tools, how can you do this?

You hear "xyz" fitting systems that claim this and that. However, the truth is, they are more about making you feel good than causing you to learn. You'll hear questions like: How does that feel? Does that feel good? Do you want to get better? After all who is the pro? A powermeter doesn't tell you which muscle is firing and when.

I guess it doesn't manner if you have to put forth effort to learn how to pedal! OK everyone, just start swinging your golf clubs and the ball will go straight and long! It's true that learning can be hard work, which means that you have to put in effort. You mean you have to learn this stuff? God forbid! That requires focus and effort!

Sport science in general has been developing in the last few years. Wobble-naught was the first on-line service and the first to use the laser. We have always had other's attempting to learn what we do. Why then do our racers win over their fitting ideas?

We'll tell you why. Our racers learn how to pedal on top of the fit! You can address a golf ball, but you still have to have a good swing if you want the ball to go!

Our focus is on the pedal stroke and the technical aspects of aerodynamics, and biomechanics. We can show you your insides and out. How can you see the tone of the muscles by the eye naked eye alone?

Just because you understand training, doesn't mean you understand the pedal stroke!

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