Monday, April 16, 2007

Georgia Gould puts a 4 minute lead on 2nd place!

You can't claim anything, that is racing, but Georgia is no question an Olympic hopeful. As it stands, she is on her way to Beijing. This is an Olympic season, and you must earn a spot to go.

For the 2008 selection, a premium is placed on the World Cup competitions. The Luna gals are headed to a World Cup today. Does Georgia have a realistic chance at the 2008 Games? We think so! Only your best performance for the season will get you on the team. Right now stellar performance's seem to be the name of her game. However, she can't let her guard down now. Anything can happen!

For sure, Georgia has put her time and effort on the table. She and her husband Dusty lived out of a van until she made the Luna team. Georgia stayed with the Wobble-naught CAD fit through the years until now and just last spring added the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish. Her efforts are apparent!

There will always be "nay-say-ers", who question what we do with racers like Georgia. They make their claims, that they are the only ones who can and will get the most out of your body, while minimize potential injuries. Since when did health care proffesionals tell Tiger Woods how to swing? We are not a sports medicine provider, so we can't advice you on injuries by law, but we can improve your game.

Georgia is making a name for herself, which has not been hurt! Just like Kristin Armstrong, she is making a name for herself.

Both Krisitn Armstrong and Georgia Gould are training hard for the chance at Olympic glory in Beijing. We have worked with both of them, providing all the support we can!

Here she is, just after setting the fastest mtb tt.

She was just behind Katie Compton until her wreck.

After a hard day at work in the rain, still smiling!

Just before the XC on Sunday morning, I went by the Luna tent to check with Georgia and Shonny. I just watched and recorded their warm up. Very little words exchanged! I don't like to show up and remove their warm-up focus!

When I started taking pics for review, Georgia wanted to know if I had my level? She wanted me to recheck her saddle and make sure it was correct. I asked her what was going on, and she could not explain it. I told her that I would run to the car and grab the level if needed, but that I didn't really want to change something just before a race. She then said not to worry about it, that she would just race with it. What Nerves!

We have a saddle setup that Georgia can take with her from her training bikes all the way to her race bikes. We have her saddle height and saddle tilt the way she can make the most power from it.

The whole week has had winds of 30+ mph, steady! It was cold and very windy. The track was very large and much of the race was on the pavement. Only the best setup and the best pedal strokes will make the power here. So, being able to get aero is a big deal.

One week ago, I sent an email to Georgia about this. With so much wind, you can get the idea that everything is wrong. The saddle can play tricks on you when you are on the pavement. The wind will push you all over the place.

After Georgia's crash on Saturday's short track, placing 5th, she showed how she can make real power. In heavy wind, she rode away from the field.

She had over a four minute lead; that's time enough to tell her story before 2nd place rolled in.

Let's hope a couple of really good World Cup finishes come. Right now Georgia is in good form. The World Cup is not the same as our domestic races! At the World Cup you have to be ready for a fight, they are not just going to let your ride by and smile!

We feel that Georgia has a legitmate chance of earning a medal, not merel representing her country. We would love to see her do what TEAm Litpon's, Kristin Armstrong (Boise, ID ) has done.

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