Sunday, November 04, 2012

WN's Pua Mata wins 2012 La Ruta overall!

This is not a sales job!  We are not sizzle!  We do every thing we can to help the racer!  We go to great detail to teach them what makes a difference, even when peering eyes can become the very negative!

Humans are like horses!  Cowboy up!  "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".  The horse has to make up it's own mind, but too many times the horse has spurs in their side, attempting to change their course?  There is always rain attempting to put the fire out!  There is always a voice to the racer's ear, placing a very real felling of uncertainty or lack of conviction!  It can even be in their own mind?

For a host of reasons, the many fitting ideas, the many systems, the pedaling debate is not perfect, and sometimes the world gets caught up in sizzle v. truth!  Results speak over the course of time i.e. 13 years. We have been in front of the jury ( those who proclaim their remarks as the body of people who judge the competition). 

Don't think its easy for the racer's, even at the highest level, once you have everything dialed in, it becomes a mental game!  It becomes very personal, there again, are a million naysayers, saying you can't! It is true,  achievement is not on the radar for all.  It takes a special mind to overcome. That is why we go to great lengths to myth bust what they read and hear!  

Pua Mata made it 3 stage wins in a row on Saturday afternoon as she raced across the finish line on the La Playa Bonita beach on the Carribbean Sea. Throughout the 3-day race, Pua Mata dominated and none of last year's three podium finishers returned for 2012?  This is no walk in the park!  

Pua holds the mental power to reach deep and attain a desired level of effort!  Her great skill, plus her great courage is taken her to another level. I told her she was making history!  She's too focused on her pedal stroke to know!  Success comes from being focused on the job at hand, not being worried what the world thinks!

Fact checker!  WN has the record of both men & women at La Ruta!

2010, Ben Sonntag racing for a WN fitted team from SLC, UT, using a Cannondale Lefty takes the men's race w/ great results from Alex Grant also fitted and coached on pedal style.

We know for a fact, another winner of La Ruta who doesn't use the fit solution a major marketing company claims!  Marketing BS! Doesn't truth matter?

WN is still taking it to the world, no matter who and how they market it!  Results!  What's in your game?

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