Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Team Exergy declaring game over! Exergy/Twenty16 game on!

Boise, Idaho's only ever pro men's team Team Exergy removed from consideration!
Exergy's decides to keep in the sport, going with the women's Team Exergy/Twenty16.
Due to the times, there are many teams gone!

We saw how hard these guys worked, how much effort they put forth! The team was growing. They followed the rules. They stepped up to the plate and would go toe to toe with the best teams in the world. They got the invite to rance the big races in last few years! It will be sad not to see them in the largest US races. WN Precison had guys like Fast Freddie in the hunt, racing across the line "clean."
As of last week!  Ben Chaddock - Super stoked to be racing for Team Exergy in 2013! Officially it is 41 classrooms....and 12 schools, be we are tipping the scales at 1150 students! 

These guys are now out of work. “WN Fast Freddie will be back for the long term,” McManus said. “He's part of our long term success plan.”
Canadian criterium champion Ben Chaddock will also be back, as will many of the same faces the team fielded in 2012. “We're sticking with a lot of the riders that we have, so that didn't allow us too much opportunity to look at lot of older riders,” McManus said. “We've got
our eyes on a few young guy, and the guys that we have, most of them we've had for a number of years, so we've really invested a lot of time and development in them.”  
How well WN Precison knows this.  It takes time to make a team, to take younger guys and turn them into Nat. Canadian Chmpions like Ben Chaddock.  

Just one week ago! 2013 season would have marked the 4th consecutive year that management company Escalera Racing and title sponsor Exergy Development Group have partnered to field a North American team, starting with an elite amateur squad in 2010. 
For what ever the reason?  This is truly sad for all the hard work to just go out the window this late into the season!  

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