Monday, November 19, 2012

Wilier Bikes the choice of Exergy!

Wilier was very proud to announce their first ever sponsorship of US-based team!

Wilier's Cento1 SR keeps pace with an increasingly important trend among top-end race bikes: convergence. In the past few years, companies had 2 high-end race bikes: one as light and stiff as possible, the other designed in a wind tunnel to ensure an aerodynamic advantage. 

For 2013, the trend remains, the top bike designs are beginning to blend aerodynamic characteristics into their lightest frames. Scott may have been the first brand when it released the Foil last year. Now, two other bikes are showing similar characteristics: Trek's just-released Madone 7 and Wilier-Triestina's new Cento1 SR. 

If you are going to race F1, you have to have the advantage or go away fast! Just like all sports, cutting edge ensures an advantage!  The sad truth, we will never know who Team Exergy has had to race, dirty for drugs, the use of special helments not allow for others,  etc...  Truth, all teams seek advantage!

Team Exergy seeks advantages in equipment and high-performance!  They race to WN!

We must point out, even with the light and stiff aerodynamic advantages of the top bikes, you must learn (technique) how to use the tool!   WN science has concerned many styles of pedaling that have come forth from our latest research, things that can be put into actual use plus we can teach it! We can fine-tune the most important tool of all, the human mind, teaching it how to achieve and reach its potential.  Team Exergy simply rides faster and with better aerodynamics for optimal racing performance and stay injury-free.

Road racing is a team sport, so its very important to stay in the game the whole season, injury-free.  It's best to keep the team in the game!

That's why WN Precision is the fit science for Team Exergy, to help the racers learn how to tap into their technique like no other, allowing them to get the most from their newer bikes.  

The times are a changing, sport science has developed in a similar to the high tech bikes. General science, copy cat ideas is not going to make a difference due to the fast change.  

Taboos that the details don't matter are being busted!  What is more amazing is the lack of science in the pro field?  Perhaps, due to the basic fit systems not working for them!

There is a lot of marketing that's not clear! At the top of the game, the "real world" a scientific approach is vital for optimizing performance!

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