Tuesday, October 02, 2012

When you go through a WN session, the WN's come!

Tall Oak Challenge 6 Hour race: another win for Kenda / Felt

It’s been a really busy last couple of weeks. I ended the NUE series with a top 5 in the Overall series at the beginning of September, then I hauled butt over to Interbike to see some really cool new sponsor products including Felt’s new FRD Nine Hardtail (best bike I have ridden period!), and then I ended things this past weekend with a solid win in the 6 hour race at Tall Oak Challenge in Jefferson, MO. No better way to end what is, for the most part, the end of September and the summer heat.
The Tall Oak Challenge race was a lot of fun. I didn’t know what to expect in Jefferson, MO, but was rather pleased with the fast, flowing, and fun trails. No better way for me to come off a week of Interbike then to kill myself in a 6 hour race on fun trails.
My legs felt good, my power was there, my equipment worked flawlessly, and my nutrition was spot on. That’s what it takes to have a solid 6 hour race. A lot has to go right and I had luck along with good planning on my side this past weekend. Very happy to have that.
Moving forward, I’ve got a lot of racing coming up. A lot of cyclocross, XC and marathon racing, and the Iceman Cometh early next month to finish things off.
My training is going to shift more towards short, hard, VO2max intervals (a.k.a. “throw up” intervals) to prep for the shorter more explosive events I’ve got coming up.  Pain is the name of the game for the next month of training and luckily the pain is in much shorter increments then the 100 milers I have been doing a lot of lately. Looking forward to that.
I’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest.
Thanks for reading and have fun riding!
Drew Edsall

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