Monday, October 01, 2012

VW Boise CX Report

VW Boise Team likes the CX!

Amanda Carey is racing for the VW Boise based team.  She took her 100 mile legs back east to Gloucester, Mass, next Providence.  Amanda cracked top 15 two times!  CX is about the start, Amanda had to start back of the field both days!

At the local Boise cx races the VW Boise team rode away from the field.  WN fitted racers went Shawn Mitchell (VW Boise) 1, Brent Gorman (VW Boise) 2, Darren Lightfield (Wild Rockies) 3. 

I was pleased to see a good turn out for the cx race at Eagle Island State Park.

As Darren Lightfield puts it "Legit" prove what we teach makes a difference!

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