Sunday, October 07, 2012

Boise's Kevin Everett in 7th Heaven "US Open Tri"

This man has my respect!

Kevin Everett is a true tri pro, not an easy job, he has also stuck with WN for years.  Why?  "Getting off the bike in 3rd" at US Open!

Kevin knows it can take years to hone one's skills.  Kevin Everett, being a top ranked swimmer understands how important it is to work on his skills.  He is not like many looking for a sliver bullet! Perfection is a work in progress, it never stops. You stay the course, stick to it and it will come!  Kevin understands if winning was easy, losers would do it!

Kevin's in 7th Heaven after finishing 7th in the US Open Triathlon. Life Time Fitness Triathlon Series - Race to the Toyota Cup had all the elements of an international championship final. Getting off the bike in 3rd position behind super bikers Cam Dyeand Ben Collins was a thrill with Olympians Hunter Kemper and Bevan Docherty in hot pursuit. Finishing in the top 10 at a race of this caliber is all a full time Y coach, husband, and father of 2 can ask for.

There's no secret to the fountain of youth; movement is key. Thanks to the tremendous support of my family! I smiled many times on a tough course when thinking about their loving support.

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