Monday, August 20, 2012

WN Fast Freddie - 4th at US Pro, Stage 1, only inches from 2nd!

US Pro Cycling Challenge, Stage 1

WN is much more than just a bike fit. We talk, we call, we share, we text, we spend a ton of time getting our users like Fast Freddie to understand the things that can make a difference. The critics will say whatever! Real science makes a difference even after you have been racing pro for 10 years! We have done our homework and we make a difference!

You don't have to learn, but it helps! Just ask WN Fast Freddie!

The average speed was 30 mph, and putting many in the sag wagon just after its start. The race had top guns e.g. DZ spilling their guts as they raced hard over the top 10,000 altitude roads.

So after very fast starting race, 125.7 miles, cool temps, rain, plus 10,000 feet of climbing, it was a real test for the top dogs. WN's Fast Freddie, known as a sprinter, racing for Exergy was able to hold on and have a kick for the young bucks. He only missed 2nd by inches, taking 4th. Did I say young bucks! Fast Freddie is closer to 40 years young than the rest todays sprint group!

This race is called the "Race of Truth."

WN Fast Freddie Still Fast "I reckon so."

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