Saturday, August 11, 2012

Idaho's has cycling history! Georgia Gould gets a Bronze Medal!

WN has been in the business of working w/ racers and teams for many years now. We have always provided support racers, past and present.

Bronze - a medal made of bronze, customarily awarded for 3rd place in a race or competition.

Nothing makes you feel better than watch the great stories succeed, make their mark in their cycling discipline! It takes a very determined mind to stick with it like the greats!

It takes years to get to the top! You can't thrown in the towel at any point. Georgia Gould's success, taking an bronze medal is awesome!

Idaho has showed the world, folks from Idaho are into both road & dirt! Two gals that really got started here in Idaho obtaining medals is just awesome!

Congrats Ladies: Kristin Armstrong Gold & Georgia Gould Bronze!

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