Friday, August 17, 2012

Amanda Carey & Ben Sonntag WN'ers Breck Epic 2012 GC!

Contrary to common belief and despite what might seem apparent in simplicity, the movements involved in pedaling must be learned! Both male and female and at any age and size. Every stroke counts!
Most anyone can ride a bike, ride the roads. But now add gravity, then add grades that are too steep for the use of roads for cars to the mix, and if you miss a 1/8, 1/4, 1/2... part of many zones in a given stroke will cost you! To do this, you must have the brains to mentally concentrate, have the sense, use the neuromotor system to impulse the muscles to precision, and yes be able to be teachable!

I have worked with both Amanda and Ben and they are teachable. Amanda Carey and Ben Sonntag should be proud of their WN'ing actions, they are pedaling better than the others! In a 6 day race like the Breck Epic, various types of effort are required from the cyclist in different situations. A good racer needs to be proficient in all efforts.

Today, there are many fit ideas, systems, etc... You can walk through a pit area and note! Congrats to both Amanda & Ben for the first GC in the Breck Epic 2012, a 6 day mtb stage race in the high country of Colo. They are man & women, from different parts of the world, but they have something in common! Regardless of what the critics might express, the truth is:

1) They are both in the WN data base!
2) They know a few methods that make a difference!
3) They both have brains!
4) They both have worked on a more efficient & effective pedal stroke!
5) They have willpower!

You learn from many sources!

You need to learn not just what to do but why, and that's what makes a difference!

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