Monday, April 30, 2012

Pua Mata (WN) Takes Whiskey 50! In her words "Hot Damm."

The 2012 Whiskey 50 had a world class elite field. A real test to measure your bike set ups and you skills, as racers attempt to best each other, in the hunt, on the trail, and WN user Pua Mata got on trail, got the lead, got the kill. That will change the way she thinks for the next hunt!

Racing is a tough job, and it only takes the smallest of % to change the game. We know, if you change the fit, even by a hair, that can change your game. We see a lot of fit ideas out there and never have we paid someone to use our systems. Only through the course of time can we track the success of many. Only with time can you prove what works best! Through many years, we have had a ton of kills, working w/ the top dogs. Over that time, so move on, others stick to our methods. Only history will tell the story.

WN 3D CAD can make a difference and it can challenge any fit idea, any pedal ideas in the world! WN has had the results for many years at the highest level, by many different body types and we love to see someone like Pua be lead dog of the hunt!

Pua can mix it up with anyone short or long race, she played her cards right and got the WN. Pua is well known to the world, to be one of the best in ultra 24 hour races, 100 mile races, and now showing the world that she can WN at Whiskey 50 mile race.
She will have a new outlook on shorter races to come! Nothing like putting the teeth to the kill.

Keep an eye on her in 2012 "That dog can hunt."

Sue Butler, living at Sea Level in Portland, OR has a motor, but has a harder time at elevation, but she can hunt and be lead dog also. No excuses and she will not bring that up, but if you can't get air or live at higher ground like many of the top pros, it can be very taxing to race them. But Sue Butler is always up for a good hunt!

Elite womenResult1Monique Pua Mata (USA) ShoAir/Specialized3:21:34 2Georgia Gould (USA) Luna0:01:26 3Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant0:07:04 4Allison Mann (USA)0:11:51 5Teal Stetson-lee (USA) Luna0:11:53 6Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Trek0:12:51 7Jennifer Smith (USA)0:12:58 8Judy Freeman (USA)0:17:32 9Sarah Jansen (USA)0:20:24 10Rebecca Gross (USA) Tough Girl Scott Bikes0:23:10 11Sue Butler (USA)0:29:20 12Alice Pennington (USA)0:29:49 13Nina Baum (USA)0:31:08 14Sarah Kaufmann (USA)0:31:30 15Kelly Boniface (USA) Moots Cycles0:31:32 16Heidi Rentz (USA) ACME Shuttle0:32:10 17Wendy Simms (Can)0:33:14 18Sonya Looney (USA)0:33:40 19Suzanne Snyder (USA) Luna Pro Team0:33:41 20Jari Kirkland (USA)0:40:35 21Kelsy Bingham (USA) Jamis Bikes0:43:24 22Tonya Bray (USA)0:44:46 23Meghan Korol (USA)0:45:28 24Shannon Gibson (USA)0:47:17 25Anna Fortner (USA) SoCal Cross0:50:44 26Kata Skaggs (USA)0:59:29 27Melissa Liebling (USA)1:34:05

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