Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EXERGY putting on a World-class Women's Race in Idaho.

EXERGY is an ice-breaker behind cycling in Idaho! We have had a thick-sheet of ice for a long time, about 10 years. We had a women's race, it ran for 19 years, then died for lack of money and backing. In fact WN provided support for a few of the teams when many said why?

Yea for the gals! Having two girls of my own, having worked with women ski racers, I have always been behind them in cycling. Our list is long, no need to name drop!

Here is the history of Exergy, they stepped up to the plate to help get a Boise based men's Team Exergy pro team! This team is the real deal and they have already made their mark with world-class athletes in 2010-11. Keep an eye on them in 2012. WN provides the fits for the team. That was huge! That cracked the thick ice that has been seen in the sport due to lack of support. You have no idea how hard it is to get someone behind the cycling sport. It has had many black eyes! Like any place, many nay-sayers wishing Exergy would go away. Many of those nay-sayers being rivals, each having their own MO, their own teams, support, etc...

Then Exergy in 2011 started helping with the USGP events, when many in the cycling industry just said "what ever". Who cares!

Then Exergy started helping USA Cycling.

Then Exergy gets behind a women's pro team. Boise based renewable energy company is renewing women's cycling in Idaho.

Now Exergy is giving $100,000 purse for the first year women's race for a Exergy 5 Day Stage race in Idaho. At its height as the HP Challenge, the purse of the women's challenge was $125,000, so to jump in at $100.000 is huge when women don't really make a living in the sport. The intent is to provide what is comparable to what a professional men team would earn during a 5 day U.S. stage race.

Is there any question who is the "Energy/Exergy" behind cycling in Idaho today 2012?

Exergy is not just talk, they are all in for cycling and for them to be a Boise based company is making a difference.

WN is very pleased to be part of this cycling support! We have always supported the fastest men & women in the sport, from grass-roots forth, even when many said why to now working with the fastest women and men in the sport.

It will be interesting to see who will now jump on the "Exergy shirt-tail". WN hopes anyone who holds a real passion for cycling.

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