Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Change the saddle! Change the hip!

There are tons of crazy ideas on what saddle works best! The best choice is a saddle that allows you many options to change up the stroke. We know what those options are and how they can make a huge difference in your game. It makes no sense to drive a car locked in one gear!

There are times when you need different strokes.
"Some times, a pro golfer/baseball player needs to choke up on the club/bat"

No question, there is an old style of pedaling, we don't intend on going there because it's old and there are better, more modern methods. Why repeat history for less performance?

It is like a ski boot, if you don't have the best choice for your style, it can cost season after season. Get the correct tool can make all the difference.

The hip is a key area of concern, and if you can't free the hip up, you go slower! Another note, it is amazing how many kits don't work with the many saddles out on the market.

We have spent thousands to review most of the saddles. WN didn't just except the marketing hype.

We have done our homework! It's that what you pay for, for us to do our homework v. marketing hype. We tracked the pressures saddles for 1 year using Tekscan pressure sensors while you are up on the bike.

We had to pay for that R&D, but the 3D modeling helped us better understand how to inform you of truths.

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