Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nat Ross & Reba Rusch are like the pink bunny! They go & go & go, etc...

Sport owes you nothing!

"Every stroke counts"

Team King and Queen of Pain

Category Duo Co-ed

Category ranking #1

Lap NumberRider NameLap Finish TimeLap Duration
1Nat Ross1:00:23 PM1:00:23
2Rebecca Rusch2:04:34 PM1:04:11
3Nat Ross3:09:57 PM1:05:23
4Rebecca Rusch4:17:45 PM1:07:48
5Nat Ross5:24:57 PM1:07:11
6Rebecca Rusch6:33:07 PM1:08:10
7Nat Ross7:44:02 PM1:10:55
8Rebecca Rusch8:56:16 PM1:12:13
9Nat Ross10:07:39 PM1:11:22
10Rebecca Rusch11:19:28 PM1:11:49
11Nat Ross12:32:33 AM1:13:04
12Rebecca Rusch1:46:45 AM1:14:12
13Nat Ross3:02:35 AM1:15:50
14Rebecca Rusch4:19:32 AM1:16:57
15Nat Ross5:39:05 AM1:19:32
16Rebecca Rusch6:55:03 AM1:15:57
17Nat Ross8:11:11 AM1:16:08
18Nat Ross9:28:10 AM1:16:58
19Rebecca Rusch12:00:10 PM2:32:00

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